Casey and Morgan attempt to dig their way out from under the monster pile of comics this week that threatened the very lives of our brave clerks!! We've got new Thrizzle from Michael Kupperman, Super-Hero awesomeness from Paul Grist, demons in hell from the ever amazing Mike Mignola, Dock Ock continuing his quest to bed Mary Jane, creator owned crime-noir from Diggle and Jock, sexy space adventuresses, cities built on the backs of whales and ponies for all you Bronies! Eclipsing all of this, though only slightly, is the sheer amount of METAL brought to you by Becky Cloonan, Andy Belanger and Karl Kerschl! In fact, it was so metal that Casey forgot to even mention the new team of Latour and Klein taking the reins on Winter Soldier which promises to be a superb spy thriller taking you to the darkest depths of the Marvel Universe!!


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Superior Spider-Man #3

Winter Soldier #15


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