We just got a whole batch of new comix from local artist/writer Fort Dudak! In his own words...
Hi! I’m Fort Dudak and I make murals and paintings, comics, illustrations, portraits, caricatures, screenprinted teeshirts, and films, among other things. I reside in Seattle and am happy to take commissions.  Murals can only be done locally at this time.

I hope you find these pages easy to navigate and full of wonder and excitements.


Fort Dudak


(W/A/) Fort Dudak

Fort Dudak presents 30-Day - page a day - improvised journal comix: sometimes on a theme like "quitting cigs", "fitness" and "sex tips for the mildly lazy" - other times not.


(W/A/) Fort Dudak

The adventures of Tom, Casey, and the whole Pizza Pig crew at the fray of the epic battle of Slackerdom vs Corporate Profit: a tale of love, money, art, hope, pain, and pizza. A series that has a definite end!

Check out Fort's website for more info and updates on his new work!


From Seattle based creator Randy Vaillancourt comes issue 3 of his new sci-fi alien girl comic--INTERGALACTIC SHE-DEVILS!


(W/A) Randy Vaillancourt

Intergalactic She Devils is about two alien punks Rinolla and Mialla and the trouble that ensues anyone who crosses them.

And in case you missed them, we also have copies of issue #1 and 2 in stock! Be sure to check out the She-Devil's Facebook page at for the latest updates!



(W/A) Ben Horak, Lara Kaminoff, Handa, Seth Goodkind, Ryan Thies, John Ohannesian, Kalen Knowles, Tatiana Gill, Myra Lara, James the Stanton, Morgan Brown, Joe Garber, Claire Donaldson, Kiriska, Ales Murd & Steve Mihalec, Sam Finnegan, Allen Gladfelter, Noel Franklin, Oscar Baechler

From the demented minds that brought you the Intruder and a whole host of other fantastic Seattle based creators, comes an even more bizarre, adults only picture magazine that is...well, kinda defies description. Limited edition. All Seattle artists. $6! Support underground trash comix!!


It's a double shot KA POW to the face with this EXTREME hit of martial arts action mayhem from local creators Palm, Long and Clarke!!


(W) Kevin Clarke, Wil Long, Marc Palm (A) Marc Palm

This explosive issue features a new Thief character. What are they up to and what's their beef with the Pillars of Heaven and what they're escorting down the dark piney roads? These answers and more questions will be revealed!!! Written and edited by Kevin Clarke and Wil Long. Co-written and illustrated by Marc J Palm (Back cover by Ben Horak). Published by the independent company Pizza Party Comix in Seattle, WA.

and in cased you missed it--


(W) Kevin Clarke, Wil Long, Marc Palm (A) Marc Palm

"What you have with Punch is a proven comics talent having a hell of a lot of fun with the form by playing in genre. If you think of Punch as a modern version of Scott McCloud’s superhero comics pastiche Destroy, you’ll likely be pretty close to the intent. Palm includes a list of influences for the book including the comics of Geoff Darrow, Simon Bisley’s Lobo comics, and films The Raid and Dredd. This isn’t some artsy-fartsy commentary on genre. This is an artist trying his hand at a form he genuinely enjoys.

In a short column at the back of the book, Clarke says that Punch began as a movie idea that eventually migrated to comics. It was a smart move. Palm’s artwork does what millions of dollars of computer generated effects cannot: he sells the ridiculous violence and supernatural elements of the story by giving them a physics of their own, an internal set of laws that work on the comics page. To call Punch a ballet of violence would be to insult both ballet and violence. What it is, really, is an onslaught of violence, an attempt to celebrate comics by trying to break comics. What it is, is art." - Paul Constant Seattle Review of Books & Seattle Weekly



(W) Aaron Swetnam (A) Sarah Russell

In September, 2010, a spooky and celestial incident at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station forever alters the lives of five people. Stargazers follows each one of their journeys after the incident as they traverse their extraterrestrial evolutions. This sprawling tale takes our characters across the globe and far away from it to fantastical places in which realities and beings exist that were only supposed to be the stuff of make-believe. Even though their paths diverge, our characters are eventually thrust back together in order to better understand their freaky origins and to maybe even just save their very existence. The series draws inspiration from: Bronze Age cosmic comics, Sci-Fi films of the 80's and 90's, video games, Rick and Morty, Aaron's insane and evil cat, Post It, and countless other things that happen to inspire.
Stargazers is the debut comic book series from Seattle based creators Aaron Swetnam and Sarah Russell.

All three issues are available for purchase in our "Hometown Heroes" section featuring independently crafted comics from the PNW as well across the country! So put down that Batman comic and broaden your horizon with some homemade masterpieces!

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