(W) Aaron Swetnam (A) Sarah Russell

In September, 2010, a spooky and celestial incident at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station forever alters the lives of five people. Stargazers follows each one of their journeys after the incident as they traverse their extraterrestrial evolutions. This sprawling tale takes our characters across the globe and far away from it to fantastical places in which realities and beings exist that were only supposed to be the stuff of make-believe. Even though their paths diverge, our characters are eventually thrust back together in order to better understand their freaky origins and to maybe even just save their very existence. The series draws inspiration from: Bronze Age cosmic comics, Sci-Fi films of the 80's and 90's, video games, Rick and Morty, Aaron's insane and evil cat, Post It, and countless other things that happen to inspire.
Stargazers is the debut comic book series from Seattle based creators Aaron Swetnam and Sarah Russell.

All three issues are available for purchase in our "Hometown Heroes" section featuring independently crafted comics from the PNW as well across the country! So put down that Batman comic and broaden your horizon with some homemade masterpieces!

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