It's a double shot KA POW to the face with this EXTREME hit of martial arts action mayhem from local creators Palm, Long and Clarke!!


(W) Kevin Clarke, Wil Long, Marc Palm (A) Marc Palm

This explosive issue features a new Thief character. What are they up to and what's their beef with the Pillars of Heaven and what they're escorting down the dark piney roads? These answers and more questions will be revealed!!! Written and edited by Kevin Clarke and Wil Long. Co-written and illustrated by Marc J Palm (Back cover by Ben Horak). Published by the independent company Pizza Party Comix in Seattle, WA.

and in cased you missed it--


(W) Kevin Clarke, Wil Long, Marc Palm (A) Marc Palm

"What you have with Punch is a proven comics talent having a hell of a lot of fun with the form by playing in genre. If you think of Punch as a modern version of Scott McCloud’s superhero comics pastiche Destroy, you’ll likely be pretty close to the intent. Palm includes a list of influences for the book including the comics of Geoff Darrow, Simon Bisley’s Lobo comics, and films The Raid and Dredd. This isn’t some artsy-fartsy commentary on genre. This is an artist trying his hand at a form he genuinely enjoys.

In a short column at the back of the book, Clarke says that Punch began as a movie idea that eventually migrated to comics. It was a smart move. Palm’s artwork does what millions of dollars of computer generated effects cannot: he sells the ridiculous violence and supernatural elements of the story by giving them a physics of their own, an internal set of laws that work on the comics page. To call Punch a ballet of violence would be to insult both ballet and violence. What it is, really, is an onslaught of violence, an attempt to celebrate comics by trying to break comics. What it is, is art." - Paul Constant Seattle Review of Books & Seattle Weekly


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Robert Tritthardt makes comics and illustrations using mainly traditional Pen & Ink tools. He has two weekly webcomics, Writhe and Shine and Overcast With A Chance Of DOOM! Both strips are centered around characters in the dark alternative subculture. Robert is based in Seattle, WA and is truly one of the most hardworking cartoonists to live in this town.

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(W/A) Robert Tritthardt

Chance of Doom is about Doomie, a creepy girl followed by the demons of her past and she finds herself living in a haunted house with four other weird roommates in Seattle. When a group of gamers use a Ouija board and accidentally open a trans-dimensional portal, Doomie finds it harder to escape her mysterious past. The ghost that haunts her room may be able to help, but only if she can find a way to communicate with him.

This 56 page book collects the first 158 comic strips of your favorite haunted house IN FULL COLOR!

Features 11 pages of fan art by Aaron Alexovich, Jordan Kotzebue, Carrie Potter, Bill Holbrook, Tedd Walley, Michael Yakutis, Abigail Larson, Courtney Huddleston and James Taylor, Dimi Macheras, cd poe, and Karl Christian Krumpholz.


(W/A) Robert Tritthardt

A further look into the lives of the people running the show in the New Orleans Goth scene. The gang promotes a show of Writhe's favorite band as Shine's ex, Demona, attempts to undermine it with her own event. Catch a glimpse of Shine's past, witness bizarre outfit choices, and see how Writhe deals with a stalker right before meeting the girl of his dreams! Special guest appearance by Bella Morte! Bonus stories by Rain Polsky and Karl Christian Krumpholz!

Issue #2 "Tonight Only" is a complete Writhe and Shine story in itself! If you've only read the stuff on the website then you haven't seen any of this! The material would fall before comic strip #175.