Here at Zanadu, we believe that Independent comics are the backbone of the comic book industry. Since 1975, Zanadu has provided a stage upon which the burgeoning local talent can perform through our consignment program and today our local and indy section is larger than ever. In fact, it may very well be the largest local comix section in the city, but hey, who's counting? All we know is that comic creators need all the help they can get because let's face it, they spend countless hours toiling in the darkness to bring forth some soul tormenting story that dwells within them for absolutely zero money and usually little to no acclaim, but where would the industry be today if not for the tireless efforts of the visionary creators who braved the hellish onslaught of personal and professional struggle? So get in on the ground floor of the next big thing in comics or just sample the local flavor, there is always something unique to find on the racks of Zanadu.

This week's spotlighted Seattle creator is MARK FALKEY, writer/artist/stapler of the one-man anthology AUTOFAC! A true holdover of the indie zine revolution, AUTOFAC tells raw tales of human folly spliced with a mutated metaphysicality worthy of Cronenberg. Unnerving, edgy, and all too human, the black and white ultra-DIY series is a real underground gem.

Mark's work can also be found online at auto-fac.blogspot.com, and he can be reached by email at mfalkey@gmail.com



(W/A) john legate
Join alien financial planner and science-fiction fan, Ludloo, as he travels throughout the universe sharing the benefits of a sound fiscal portfolio. Now if only he could get the hang of his Singularity Matrix Catalyst his life would be oh-so-much less fraught with danger.

Strange Youth by john legate

Strange Youth by john legate

In volume 1, little Timmy Davidson introduces his new alien friend to the 4th grade class at P.S. 246 on Show-and-Tell day. As Ludloo tries to demonstrate his ability to travel interstellar distances in the wink of an eye, a mis-calibration in the SMC brings the entire elementary school to a distant planet where strange things are afoot. It's up to Timmy and Ludloo to save the day. If they happen to build a new Food Court at the Mall and help create weapons of mass destruction along the way...so be it.

In volume 2, Ludloo decides it might be best to try a new line of work. He always wanted to be a Special Ops Janitor, and when the opportunity to clean up the Argiope Corporation's orbital space station comes along he jumps at the chance. Of course, they are trying out the prototype Singularity Vacuum packs (the latest thing in quantum cleaning technology) on a provisional basis. What could possibly go wrong?


Here at Zanadu, we have always prided ourselves on stocking independent and small press comic books that you won't find anywhere else. It is our continuing goal to highlight the vibrant comic book scene that exists here in the Pacific Northwest and across the country.
Our newly expanded local section, dubbed, "Hometown Heroes" is overflowing with energetic, exotic and exciting new creations from the best and brightest of Seattle's comic book underground.

Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting different books and their creators, so keep checking back for the latest in local comix!!

This week's feature--


One of the stranger sequential artists to grace the shelves of Zanadu, Mark’s comics feature sci fi landscapes of the dark and bizarre, populated by people just like me and you! (except with robot arms and robot dogs and stuff) Truly a unique voice in the sea of comic artists that live here in Seattle! Check out his website for more gloriously weird stuffs from Autofac and beyond!


(W/A) Mark Falkey

Mark Falkey returns with another dose of dark, depressing and bizarre comics that read like some psytrance music video from the 90's they show at 3 AM. Take a step into the shadowy recesses of the human psyche if you dare...


(W/A) Mark Falkey

Mark Falkey is back with "Take a Hike" another installment of his bizarre sci-fi title and this time it's actually comic size! That's right, Mark is pulling out all the stops to bring you a cardboard cover and a full 24!! pages of black and white strangeness!!


(W/A) Mark Falkey

Prepare yourself for a journey beyond the stars into a darkened labyrinth of cybernetic nightmares and alien manipulation, courtesy of local artist Mark Falkey!! The one man, sci-fi horror book of the bizarre continues with Autofac #5, "Subpar"


(W/A) Mark Falkey

'Space Madness' is redefined through the self deprecating lens of Mark Falkey and his cyberpink horrorish title Autofac! In Issue #6 titled "Not a Number," Falkey injects the reader into a rat infested, reptile crawlin world of cybernetic misfits and mercs doing whatever they can just to survive the day. It's heavy action, heavy tech and heavy weirdness in one full size, black and white comic!!



(W/A) Royden Lepp

WHY WE LOVE IT: Creator Royden Lepp continues his allages
saga of Jet Jones and the
Taylor family in this third and penultimate installment of Rust, giving us the lyrical and visually
stunning ode to family, childhood, and sacrifice that we love.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: More secrets of the past are revealed for both Jet and the Taylors as
they face their darkest fears in this calm before the oncoming storm. And, of course, more
robot action!
WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Oz Taylor may know Jet Jones' secret, but convincing the rest of his
family may be harder than he counted on. As Oz plots to rid the Taylor farm of the rocket boy,
Jet tries to prove himself to the family that has taken him in, in hopes of finding the home he has
searched for for so long. However, when shadows of Jet's past start coming back into his life,
he realizes his days of running may be numbered.