Here at Zanadu, we have always prided ourselves on stocking independent and small press comic books that you won't find anywhere else. It is our continuing goal to highlight the vibrant comic book scene that exists here in the Pacific Northwest and across the country.
Our newly expanded local section, dubbed, "Hometown Heroes" is overflowing with energetic, exotic and exciting new creations from the best and brightest of Seattle's comic book underground.

Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting different books and their creators, so keep checking back for the latest in local comix!!

This week's feature--


One of the stranger sequential artists to grace the shelves of Zanadu, Mark’s comics feature sci fi landscapes of the dark and bizarre, populated by people just like me and you! (except with robot arms and robot dogs and stuff) Truly a unique voice in the sea of comic artists that live here in Seattle! Check out his website for more gloriously weird stuffs from Autofac and beyond!


(W/A) Mark Falkey

Mark Falkey returns with another dose of dark, depressing and bizarre comics that read like some psytrance music video from the 90's they show at 3 AM. Take a step into the shadowy recesses of the human psyche if you dare...


(W/A) Mark Falkey

Mark Falkey is back with "Take a Hike" another installment of his bizarre sci-fi title and this time it's actually comic size! That's right, Mark is pulling out all the stops to bring you a cardboard cover and a full 24!! pages of black and white strangeness!!


(W/A) Mark Falkey

Prepare yourself for a journey beyond the stars into a darkened labyrinth of cybernetic nightmares and alien manipulation, courtesy of local artist Mark Falkey!! The one man, sci-fi horror book of the bizarre continues with Autofac #5, "Subpar"


(W/A) Mark Falkey

'Space Madness' is redefined through the self deprecating lens of Mark Falkey and his cyberpink horrorish title Autofac! In Issue #6 titled "Not a Number," Falkey injects the reader into a rat infested, reptile crawlin world of cybernetic misfits and mercs doing whatever they can just to survive the day. It's heavy action, heavy tech and heavy weirdness in one full size, black and white comic!!