(W/A) john legate
Join alien financial planner and science-fiction fan, Ludloo, as he travels throughout the universe sharing the benefits of a sound fiscal portfolio. Now if only he could get the hang of his Singularity Matrix Catalyst his life would be oh-so-much less fraught with danger.

Strange Youth by john legate

Strange Youth by john legate

In volume 1, little Timmy Davidson introduces his new alien friend to the 4th grade class at P.S. 246 on Show-and-Tell day. As Ludloo tries to demonstrate his ability to travel interstellar distances in the wink of an eye, a mis-calibration in the SMC brings the entire elementary school to a distant planet where strange things are afoot. It's up to Timmy and Ludloo to save the day. If they happen to build a new Food Court at the Mall and help create weapons of mass destruction along the be it.

In volume 2, Ludloo decides it might be best to try a new line of work. He always wanted to be a Special Ops Janitor, and when the opportunity to clean up the Argiope Corporation's orbital space station comes along he jumps at the chance. Of course, they are trying out the prototype Singularity Vacuum packs (the latest thing in quantum cleaning technology) on a provisional basis. What could possibly go wrong?