(W/A) Brandon Graham

We called him first! Years ago, we could just see how Brandon Graham would be so successful as he is with his King City today and when he was a young quiet hoodied punk, published two wonky cool adult graphic novels by him, full of his signature originality, graffiti inspired art and fun deviance! This long out of print one is the first graphic novel of his ever, an off-the-wall, tongue-in-cheek SF spoof sure to get your rockets in full blast! Old perv Walt is called upon a mission with hot porn chick Stix to create the orgasm to end all climaxes to save... well, some important thing or other. Hey, it's not the end, it's the means!


(W/A) Brandon Graham

And here's the other fun adult graphic novel, long out of print, by the now world-famous Graham (King City)! Poor Jem. She got caught by her parents doing the naughty. Big time naughty. So now she's banned to a big gloomy school for naughties, but, boy, what goes down there would make her parents' heads spin! She's finding it hard to resist, especially when her room-mate, Deforest K-Y, known as Bones, is a beautiful steamy teen blonde...

Finally, two of the most elusive Brandon Graham comics are available once more--and it's porn!! Long before getting fat paychecks from Liefeld, Graham turned out some fun and engaging erotic comics that do more than just stimulate your private parts. Much like the Manara archives Dark Horse has been putting out this year, Brandon creates sexy, playful characters that are more than 2 dimensional cutouts and continues to work those sultry undertones into his current book, Multiple Warheads. Take a walk on the wild side in the dark, dirty corners of Brandon's mind! RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!