(W/A) Malachi Ward

The biggest, baddest Sin City ever is here, just in time for fall's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For! This imposing volume, suitable for home defense, contains all seven of Frank Miller's landmark Sin City yarns! In these tales of Marv, Dwight, Gail, Miho, Hartigan, Nancy, and the Yellow Bastard, no corner of Basin City is left unturned, and no bloody deed is left undone. Written with unmatched intensity and drawn in the starkest black-and-white imaginable, with blood-red bits of color, among others, the Sin City books make up the greatest crime saga in comics history, and Big Damn Sin City is the best way to rediscover the whole darn shootin' match!

I first came across Malachi Ward's stuff when sifting through the old consignment books at the store, figuring out what to do with those that had not sold. His comic was called "Utu" and had a great gold metallic sharpie color on the cover with a shaman. I flipped it open and was amazed by the seemingly effortless landscapes and murky atmosphere that instantly transported me to the damp, magical, and mysterious jungles of South America. Upon this sacred stage is thrust a shaman who, upon receiving news of an impending war from his mysterious, possibly dubious god, seeks to warn a small village about an impending war in order to save them from destruction. The way Ward handles the perception of belief is fascinating, showing both angles of the story on equal footing and really delving into the heart of human understanding of "higher beings" as well as tossing in some time travel shit as a driving beat that keeps you hooked until the very end. Hopefully this will be a lot like that, but let's face it--this dude doesn't make bad comics.