Manga or Japanese comics, is one of the greatest things to ever happen to the American comic market since the advent of Super-Heroes. While we know a lot of our customers only truck with the 'Merican made books we all know and love, Manga offers a VAST array of subject matter, genres, art/writing styles and situations that appeal to age groups from wee little ones to grumpy old people! Even the most jaded comic book reader will find something new and exciting in the world of MANGA!!

This week we focus on Kenichi Sonada and his loveable, violent, trigger happy and fun lovin GUNSMITH CATS! "Burst," the follow up series to first volume chronicles the further adventures of Rally and Minnie as they blow shit up and try to save enough money to pay rent. Super fun, high flying action adventure comedy from master Manga-Ka SONADA!


(W/A) Kenichi Sonada

Rally Vincent and Minnie-May Hopkins are two regular American girls. Regular American girls who own a gun shop, and might have dabbled in prostituion, respectively. And who happen to be a crack shot and an explosives expert, respectively.

These might be odd skills for American girls, but these two happen to be Chicago's top bounty hunters. Rally can shoot the trigger off a gun from a good distance, and May generally wreaks havoc with explosions and cuteness. And together, with some very useful friends and associates, they make up the Gunsmith Cats.

"Burst" finds our ladies back at work, back in action, and . . . back in trouble. Now presented in the favored Japanese, right-to-left format, Gunsmith Cats: "Burst" aims to please.