(W/A) Vasilis Lolos

The Ghost Train is the unearthly engine that travels between dimensions and through the void of space and time. When two normal teenagers, Alec and Sam, mysteriously end up on the train, they're thrown into a world unlike any they've ever seen and in the middle of a killing spree more chilling than anything they could have imagined! After being separated in Volume 1, the pair finally find one another, but it's not the reunion either one expects. Alec has aged ten years while Sam has only been on his own for ten hours! There's no time for the two to catch up though! There's still the issue of who is murdering the passengers and how it's connected to the boy's appearance on the train!

After 6!!! friggin years, Vasilis Lolos, one of my favorite comic creators of the past few years finally returns with his creator owned fusion of horror, mystery and comedy as two punk kids steal away from their homes one night hoping to find an adventure on par with the mind blowing metal mixtape blasting from the tape deck, but you know that old saying and things go from bad to weird to WTF in a manner of seconds!! Capturing a truly unique and indy style, Lolos infuses his books with a musical energy that few others are capable of matching, but for fans of Brandon Graham, Corey Lewis, Becky Cloonan and the serious METAL that is Chuck BB's 'Black Metal', this is a ride that is not to be missed!!! RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!!