After recapturing our Video Monkey from the depths of Rainier Ave, Casey and Morgan return in all of their non-grainy glory! Joining them this week is recovering X-Men addict and Bendis aficionado, Kurt (I finally found a friggin' job) Geltz, to drop the hype bomb on Marvel's biggest book of the new year, Guardians of the Galaxy! The boys also talk Copra!!!!!, the new Alan Moore League of Extraordinary Gentlemen book, Jim Henson's Dark Crystal, assassin training schools and oh yeah, space whiskey!!

Be hip and edgy, read these books on your fancy electronic device*!


 All Star Western #17

Batman Incorpoated #8

Five Weapons #1

Flash #17

Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1

Hawkeye #8

Legend of Luther Strode #3

Nemo: Heat of Ice HC

Prophet #34

Punisher: War Zone #5

Uncanny Avengers #4

Young Avengers #2


*unfortunately, due to limitations with comixology and flash, ipad users need to download the comic through a home computer and then upload it to your preferred mobile device. sorry.