(W) Ales Kot (A) Morgan Jeske

Have you ever lost someone?
What if the city you lived in your entire life, the city you loved with all of your soul, the city you were inextricably connected to - what if that city was about to die, and you were the only one who could possibly keep it alive?
Sonia and W-2 will do all it takes - but the horrors tear through the walls of reality to get at them.
Dreams are crushed. New facts appear. Old alliances fall apart.

Pills, pills and more pills!! After reading the first issue, it is clear that Ales Kot has taken more than his share of psychedelic substances, but somehow retained the ability to write believable, unique and interesting characters that leave you wondering how the hell these people will save the world, cause let me tell you, they are not what you would call hero material. Perhaps that is what I like best about this series, the fact that the fate of the world is left to people I can identify with--f*ckups. RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!