(W/A) Linda Medley

Surprise! After a long break to recharge her creative batteries, Linda Medley returns to finish the second volume of the Castle Waiting saga a four-issue epilogue. In this issue, our heroine Jain gets an unpleasant surprise as she moves into her new room, while Sister Peace has an awkward moment at the housewarming party; baby Pin surprises Jain and Chess with his amazing new ability; and mischief is brewing with Castle's supernatural residents!

One the most popular independent comics still being published today, Castle Waiting focuses on the forgotten characters from some of folklore's greatest stories. Linda Medley has crafted one of the most inventive and often unseen perspectives on the world of fairy tales, showing what life was like for those of us unable to act on the main stage. And as we all know, the real story takes place behind the stage, just before the curtain rises...RECOMMENDED BY ERIN!