(W/A) Peter Bagge

If you could relive major events in your life, would you take a stab at making things better-and would your best attempts only make things worse? Or would you use your second chance to put your most twisted, perverted fantasies in motion? These are questions washed up actor and comedian Guy Krause asks himself after he signs up to be the main research subject for a virtual reality experiment.

Like many of you, there are lots of moments in my past that could have been handled better, but as your mother taught you, what's done is done, move on and try to do better tomorrow. But what if you could go back? This is the question indy superstar, Peter Bagge aims to answer in his darkly satirical new series! Will our main character's human trappings get in the way of setting his life on the right path? Find out, in what is sure to be a scary and funny look at the sheer futility of human meddling! RECOMMENDED BY PERRY!