Watch out DC and Marvel, here comes a Super-Hero book with real heart, a dizzying design sense and most importantly-- all out action awesomeness!!

COPRA #1, 2

(W/A) Michel Fiffe

From Michel Fiffe, creator of ZEGAS, comes COPRA, a love letter to Suicide Squad, Dr. Strange and just old school Super-Hero books in general. These are some the nicest looking, self published comics we've ever had on the shelves and for only $5 a piece, there is no excuse not to pick them up!!

No messin' around, these are MUST HAVE COMICS for everyone who loves Super-Hero books, but want something new, exciting, different and fresh to groove to on a cold, rainy Seattle evening! RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!

we also have copies of ZEGAS #1 and #2 in stock!! Check out his website for more stuff!!