(W) Dan Didio, (P) Brent Anderson, (I) Scott Hanna

Regular Zanadu customer, Mitchell Serebrenik, recommends Phantom Stranger by Dan Didio (W), Brent Anderson (P) and Scott Hanna (I). This new take on the classic DC Comics character is truly an innovation. Issue #0 introduces an interesting take on who the Stranger was in his original earthly incarnation, and why he has been a wandering Stranger in the world through the passing millennia. In issue #1 the stage is set for the current, on-going series. In counterpoint to the arcane worlds we are used to seeing the Stranger working in, this version also has the Stranger taking on a "civilian" identity of Philip Stark, an average sub-urban husband and dad with a family, mortgage and soccer games to fill his life. But when the beings you have pissed-off in the past include Trigon and his daughter Raven, Dr. Thirteen, Pandora (the one with the box, not the tunes), Haunted Horseman and the mighty Spectre don't expect a happy, normal life. RECOMMENDED BY MITCH