It's tough to be optimistic when the end is in sight, but team CSSG is still here and still excited about this week's new books!!

Real talk though--this is getting rough. The store is emptying out, fixtures are being sold and the end times are almost upon us. It's hard to express how thankful we are here at Zanadu for all of you that have listened to us rant, rave and straight just make crap up sometimes week in and week out for the past 5 years. 5 years... damn. Who'da thought we'd still have an audience after the first week? Anyway, make damn sure to stop in and say goodbye to the mighty Zanadu one last time!


Team CSSG is here with your final transmission for 2017! We hope everyone had a great holiday and be safe out there on the streets of the city on New Year's Eve. People get stupid. Be smart. Think. Enough life lessons, the future is just around the bend, kids--keep it weird! Thank you all so so much for your support this year! It means everything to us here at the MIGHTY ZANADU!


While the rest of the world enters the Holiday madness vortex, the CSSG crew at Zanadu remains your pure light glowing center of peacefulness... Yeah, right, F that, you clearly have been watching different monkeys rant about comics for the past 4 years. But, hey, that's why you love us! Lots of good stuff this week, so get your butts in here and buy some comics!!

And don't forget that tonight is our FINAL longtable meeting at the store. Come talk nerdy with you fellow Seattle geeeks at 6:30pm! Free candy for all!


Halloween is almost upon us and the CSSG duo of Morgan and Casey are here to bring you treats and maybe some tricks with this week's best new comics! We've got a few holiday themed horror books for you as well as an assortment of other great shinies that won't rot your teeth, though maybe your mind. Plus, Morgan gets his revenge on blank starin Howard from last week...Just another episode full of tasty goodness from your favorite comics monkeys on the interwebs!


We've got a very special episode this week as Howard fills in for Morgan and the Professor, adding a bit of all ages action to the usually adult skewed taste of CSSG. Lots of great stuff this week including the launch of Vertigo alum Shelly Bond's new imprint, the spooky super villain world of Sherlock Frankenstein and the magical realms of Maestros by master illustrator Steve Skroce! This is also week three of the Marvel Legacy initiative which includes the most massive issue of Mighty Thor #700!! By Odin, this mag is monstrous!! So stop in and pick up your new shinies to keep you company on this gloriously rainy Wednesday here in Seattle.


It's double double vision again this week as your favorite comic monkey duo bring you the double dose of smelly good new episodes of Comics Should Smell good!! First, join Morgan and Casey on a trip through the multiverse of wonders from DC, Image, Fantagraphics and more, then stay tuned for Prof Marvel and Casey as they bring you the second edition of the Marvel Legacy weekly report! Soooo many good comics, soooo little time! So make some time to stop into Zanadu and take a break from the harsh reality that is the outside world!