SPIDER-MAN: LIFELINE #1-3 ($2.99 ea)

(W) Fabian Nicieza (A) Steve Rude

This three-issue limited series from writer “Fabulous” Fabian Nicieza (Gambit) and artist Steve “The Dude” Rude (Nexus) focuses on the recently recovered fragments of the Lifeline Tablet, an ancient artifact that holds the key to the lost languages and medicinal practices of pre-Sumerian civilizations. It may also be a source of rebirth and unmitigated power…which makes the acquisition of the pieces a pretty popular idea with the New York underworld and Dr. Curt Connors, the long-suffering scientist who turns into the Lizard, one of Spider-Man’s oldest and deadliest foes. This is a solid Silver Age-style tale starring Marvel’s wondrous web-slinger, and it’s given a cool, retro feel with Rude’s gorgeous artwork, which truly captures the spirit of the Ditko and Romita years on The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1).



(W) Scott Lobdell  (A) Travis Charest

Set in Nazi Germany, this story revolves around Logan and Zannah, who are independently working to recover an ancient artifact called the Lazarus Scroll from a group of Nazis who have allied with the Daemonites. After their initial solo attempts fail, the two reluctantly team up and manage to recover the Scroll; during this fight, one of the Nazis transforms into a Daemonite and attacks Logan. Zannah kills the Daemonite, then knocks Logan unconscious and takes the Scroll. Later, the two meet again when Logan assists Zannah in securing passage on a train in Vienna. Logan persuades Zannah to trust him, and she fills him in on what the Scroll is. Their travel is interrupted by a Daemonite and Kenyan, who injures Zannah, sabotages the train tracks, and makes off with the Scroll. Surviving the train wreck, Logan and Zannah rest and recuperate, then sneak into a convoy truck, which brings them to an underground base where Kenyan uses the Scroll to resurrect Ebron, an ancient Daemonite warlord. While Logan fights Kenyan, Zannah kills Ebron, which causes a massive explosion that levels the base. Logan digs his way out of the rubble, but can find no trace of Zannah except for her broken sword. 3-D version also available!!


X-FORCE (2007) ANNUAL #1

(W) Robert Kirkman  (A) Jason Pearson

Great stand-alone story by Zombie master, Robert Kirkman with balls to the wall action as only Jason Pearson can deliver! Plus, HYDRA and Deadpool--all in one comic!! What more do you want?


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