(W/A) Farel Dalrymple

Delusional is a book of comics and drawings by cartoonist Farel Dalrymple. You might have seen them in various anthologies, or posted on the internets, but now they are collected into one beautiful tome. Farel's previous work includes Pop Gun War, Omega the Unknown, and the occasional Prophet.


If you happen to come upon Farel at a convention, he usually looks a little out of place with his suit, nicely combed hair and glasses, almost like a professor of some nature ready to drop crazy comic book knowledge bombs on the unsuspecting passersby. Intrigued, you step closer and look at the pages spread out on the table and then you hear a hissing noise like the slow release of air through a small hole which you slowly realize is your brain being depressurized by the sheer depth of Farel's art. He perfectly straddles the hyper detailed obsessiveness of Moebius with the cartooning wit and charm of Charles Schultz if Schultz grew up in the slums of some off world colony light-years away.