Today is the LAST day of our 42nd anniversary sale!! You heard us all you 'wait until the last minute people' out there in Seattle! There is no more time to delay! Get in here for store-wide discounts the likes of which will not be seen until the dawning of the 5th world! Support local art! Support local business!! Buy some awesome shinies for you or your loved ones and help keep the mighty Zanadu alive!!

-20% off all Marvel, DC and Image graphic novels!!
-20% off all graphic novels in our "Creator Section"
-25% off all graphic novels in our Horror, Action, Humor, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, General Super-Her, Non-Fiction and Art sections!
-20% off toys (includes vintage toys,) t-shirts and statues!
-20% off Manga!
-$5 posters!
-Special 50% off graphic novel section!
-Huge selection of $2 comics!

*Comics and graphic novels on new arrival racks are NOT part of sale