Greetings from limbo or The Negative Zone as we have been calling it lately here at Zanadu HQ! Since our last transmission, we’ve received word from our allies at Plymouth Housing that the earthquake retrofit has been delayed until sometime next year. The bottom line still stands—Zanadu will most likely be scouting for new locations in the near future. Have no fear, though, we will do everything we can to continue to provide Downtown Seattle and beyond with the very best in comics, graphic novels and other awesome geekery.

In fact, we’ve got a little secret for ya…August 2017 marks the 42nd year since Perry Plush opened the doors of Zanadu and what better way to celebrate than by having a MASSIVE SALE for all our longtime and new customers!! We are talking once a year, mind staggering deals and discounts so good that the boss is probably losing sleep over ‘em! The festivities start with a special sneak preview night on Friday, August 18th from 4-7pm and continue through August 26th. Stop in from now until August 17th and receive your special invitation to be the first in line for super savings on graphic novels, toys, clothing and more!

Check out our Facebook page for full event details as well as the latest updates on our never-ending battle to survive in the comic book retail trenches of Seattle.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone for your continued support, whether it be through the GoFundMe campaign, in store donations or to those who just come in every week to get your fix—we would be nothing without you.

August is also the 100th birthday of Jack Kirby to whom we will be paying tribute to in our series of ads for this year’s big sale. So keep an eye out for those bombastic, jaw dropping gods of imagination on our social media outlets heralding the latest happenings of our 42nd anniversary!!