Love it or hate it, the Cosmic Cube has long been a tool for Marvel to revamp, rip up or just plain rewrite continuity since Kirby and Lee created it in 1966. This monstrous piece of sentient technology has recently been the cause of much strife amongst the internet community as Nick Spencer weaves his tale of multi-limbed betrayal through the pages of Captain America and leading up to the big finale in Secret Empire!! Issue #2 dropped on Wednesday and I'm sure that last page sent fanboys reeling as what they thought they knew gets turned upside down by the stunning revelation of...well, you'll just have to come in and get the book to find out, yeah?

And just cause we love to tease y'all, here's a pic of what could be your very own cosmic cube!! We will be giving these away with the purchase of Secret Empire #6 which hits shelves on 7/12! The Cubes are plastic, measure 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" and GLOW IN THE DARK!! HAIL HYDRA and read Secret Empire!! Issue 0-2 out now!