While the comic book industry has long been male run and dominated, recent years have seen a wider diversity in creators, characters and titles, especially in the case of women readers, writers and artists. We are very pleased to spotlight some of the more well known and up and coming women who are soon to take the comic book world by storm, along with new titles that prove women are and have always been the equal of men in all aspects. Don't forget to check out our "Women of Marvel Comics, "Women of DC Comics," and "Women in Comics" sections in the store next time you stop in for your funnybooks!

This week we focus on the audacious ALEX DE CAMPI! Like a relentless rebel force of nature, Alex has carved her mark of mutilated teenagers, bee vixens from mars, cold war spies and more unfortunate teenagers, deeply into the modern tapestry of current comics with an edge and style that sets her apart from most modern day creators. Her works are emotionally resonant, gut wrenching tales of turmoil that pull at you like a nagging hangnail, just waiting to be pulled despite the pain. Truly next level work from a woman who let's her comics speak for themselves... and they are giant middle fingers to the world.

//Selected Works//
No Mercy (Image)
Semiautomatic (Dark Horse)
Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight (Dark Horse)
Mayday (Image)
Smoke (IDW Publishing)