Marvel's next blockbuster event SECRET EMPIRE begins next Wednesday (4/19) so it's time to roll out the HYDRA HYPE MACHINE and get our customers up to date with what YOU need to know to enjoy this spectacular new epic! Be on the lookout for a special CSSG video from Prof Will and crew in the next week or so, but for now, here's a special promotion from the new Marvel Insider program! Marvel is awarding fans with bonus points throughout the duration of Marvel’s Secret Empire comic event for those who redeem the digital codes found inside the print editions of each comic. Marvel Insider points can be redeemed for cool rewards, limited-edition collectables and more! Marvel Insider members who purchase Secret Empire comics at their local stores can rack up major Marvel Insider bonus points for redeeming the digital codes for each issue! Currently, Marvel Insiders can already earn up to 2,000 points per week for redeeming 10 digital codes at 200 points each. For each Secret Empire issue, Marvel Insiders will also earn an additional 1,000 bonus points on top of the regular 200 points for their digital code redeem – that’s a total of 1,200 points per issue! As a special reward for “completing the set,” Marvel Insiders who redeem digital codes for all 9 issues of Secret Empire will earn a whopping 10,000 points bonus!

Are you a Marvel Insider yet? Go to to join and start getting rewarded for the things you’re already doing as a Marvel fan!* Earn points for things like purchasing comics, connecting with Marvel on social, checking out the latest and greatest original content on, playing Marvel mobile games, and more! Then, redeem your points for cool rewards like bestselling digital comics, collectible merchandise, exclusive Marvel mobile game rewards and unforgettable experiences! Check back frequently for new opportunities to earn and spend points, especially around major Marvel events!

And for now, get HYPED with this official SECRET EMPIRE trailer!