Forty-two years is no joke. Grinding it out, day after day, eight hours at a time doing anything is hard--but it's doubly difficult when you're talking comics. Glamorous though it may seem from the outside, the true life of a comic retailer is a never ending evolution of reinvention that few have the constitution to withstand. Just take a look at how few comic shops there are now compared to fifteen years ago. Hell, ten years ago! This is not a forgiving business, and, as a retailer, we bear the brunt of the risk when it comes to stocking publisher's products. Guessing at what will sell, figuring out how to market that which doesn't, gambling with thousands of dollars a month…this life is not for everybody, but for those able to roll with the punches, a successful comic shop is like the home away from home every geek wishes they could build.

As a special treat, we've unearthed some rare artifacts of days past from the dusty attic of Zanadu that reveals just a bit of our long and storied history here in Seattle.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been a part of the Zanadu family over the years, we would not have survived without your dedication and support!