Let's face it, the world of comic books or "Graphic Novels" as they are referred to currently, is overwhelmingly impenetrable for a lot of people these days. The sheer volume of new titles that ship each week make it hard to remember previously published books or even something that came out last Wednesday, but have no fear, Zanadu is here to help you discover what you didn't know you needed in your collection! We have thousands of titles available, but these are a few of our favorite forgotten gems kicking around the store.

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(W/A/CA) Osvaldo Medina

//Published by Kingpin Books//
Filming on a remote virgin island leads to the discovery of a mysterious native with a heart as large as his body. Taken willingly to the Big City, he'll soon find out there's a thin line between the fame and glory he's been promised and the show business circus he's been thrown into. In spite of the obvious nod, Kong the King couldn't be further from a simple revisitation of the cult-classic film. It's a whole new animal, a twisted roller coaster of emotional depth. This fast-paced tour-de-force with no single word, like a silent movie from the glamorous 1920s.