Now that the news is out, we can all be miserable together and lament the loss of the best comic book store in Seattle--ZANADU COMICS! Thank you all so much for sharing your kind words, strange stories and happy memories about this 42 year institution--it certainly brought tears to our eyes.

Our final day is January 28th, 2018, so that's about two months left, and it is officially time to start the dreaded "Closing Sale." Sounds ominous, I know, but the good news is, we are discounting the entire store at various tiers which means YOU can save some money and provide a good home for these lonely comic books. Do a little holiday shopping for yourself or loved ones and support the great Zanadu one (or two, or three or...) more time(s).

//Here's the gritty details//
-Huge selection of 50% off graphic novels including books from Marvel, DC and all other major publishers
-20% off Marvel, DC and Image graphic novels
-50% off Statues
-25% off T-shirts
-25% off Toys (includes vintage toys)
-$5 posters
-10 for $10 back issue section
-Super blowout $3 graphic novel section

*Sale does not apply to items on new arrival rack. Some restrictions apply.

Buy local this Holiday season and thank you all for your support these past 42 years!!

closing sale Poster copy.jpg