Christmas has come early this year, baby!! Today sees the release of a gamma powered double punch of pure comic perfection in the form of NIGHT BUSINESS by Benjamin Marra and X-MEN: GRAND DESIGN by Ed Piskor!! First, get ready to cruise a neon wave of sleazy, 1980s themed hard core street walking sequentials in the NIGHT BUSINESS hardcover from Fantagraphics, (complete for the first time!) Then ready yourself for the hallowed recordings of the Watcher as he lays down time and space at your feet to give you the history of Marvel's mutants through pure cosmic knowledge in X-MEN: GRAND DESIGN! Of course there are all sorts of other good stuff this week, but new Marra and Piskor is true cause to celebrate!

Finally, may all our CSSG viewers have a great holiday season and thank you so much for watching the monkeys rant all year. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL FROM THE MIGHTY ZANADU!