For four years, Zanadu has been hosting a monthly meeting of all things comic books entitled, "Discussions from the Longtable." Customers and employees would sit around the table and rant an rave about this or that while verging on sugar overdose from all the free candy. We did it as a family.

Tonight, this tradition comes to an end.

I forgot exactly who had the bright idea to start this thing where I work an extra 90 min on an already long day, but truly, when it comes down to it, I love nothing more than bullsh**ting about comics. I love connecting with customers on another level and sharing nto only our mutual joy of comics, but the energy that lies behind the covers. The joy of discovering that next big story that will linger in your memory forever.

It has been my absolute pleasure to share what knowledge I have onto those who were just starting their journey into the bizarre world of funny books and to develop these connections into friendships that will last long outside the doors of Zanadu. Thank you to everyone who hung out even when it was sometimes just three of us... and to Perry for providing us with mounds of sugar!

So be there TONIGHT at 6:30 for one more chance to eat lots of candy and rant an rave about comics!! Bring a friend!