LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY 2017! 11/18/17!

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Local Comic Shop Day is a new event that calls attention to independent comic book specialty stores, celebrating their role as pop culture fire-starters. Now in its third year, LCSD has doubled in size with more than 550 participating local comic shops across the country and featuring 16 unique items that will only be available through these brick and mortar stores. Allocations may occur, so quantities will be limited. All items will be sold on a first come, first served basis. We will have a strict limit of one of any particular item per person, although you may purchase more than one item.

While it's awesome that publishers have rallied around this event to provide some truly great limited edition comics and statues, the real purpose of Local Comic Shop Day is to remind the comic book buying public just how pivotal the role of the Local Comic Shop is to the very foundation of this medium. Week in and week out these independently run businesses, some of whom (like Zanadu Comics) have survived for decades, provide their customers with insights, recommendations and service that only actual humans can deliver. Not some star rated b.s. review on Amazon, but personally crafted conversations for each individual who walks through the door from an employee who truly loves these silly, beautiful things called comic books. So, on November 18th 2017, please stop by Zanadu Comics (or any of the other participating stores) to check out the exclusive items and other fabulous surprises that make each and every comic book retailer unique!

Visit our LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY page for a full list of exclusive items that will be available on Saturday, November 18th!

This year we will also be having a MASSIVE sale to celebrate the third year of LCSD and 42 years of independent business! Savings will include--
-50% off select Marvel and DC graphic novels
-50% off graphic novels on genre bookcases (includes books from all major publishers)
-25% off T-shirts
-50% off Statues
-25% off Toys (includes vintage toys)
-$5 posters
-10 for $10 red tag back issue section
-Super blowout $3 graphic novel section

There's nothing better than a 50% off sale, so get in here TODAY before things start to VANISH! Seriously, the boss never goes this high on discounts so TAKE ADVANTAGE and do some holiday shopping early!