For those donating at the "Savior" ($1,000) level, we are not only offering our utmost love, admiration and 10% off all purchases for life, but one of the boss' super special, limited edition, hand painted, hand crafted vinyl models! For years, Perry has had these one of a kind models on display at the store as glorious eye candy, but finally the time has come for them to find a good home! All models are pick up only or local delivery by the boss himself. All bases, backgrounds, extra bits were assembled by hand from scratch and the artist has since passed away, making these truly unique peices of art that will never be replicated again. Sorry, we can't ship them out of state because they would most likely break into many pieces and then nobody would be happy. There are 9 models total to choose from, first donated, first served, etc.

Creature From the Black Lagoon
Amazing Spider-Man
Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer from Batman: Returns)
Green Goblin
Batman (Michael Keaton from Batman/Batman: Returns)