Greetings Space Monkeys,

Project Mayhem has sent out thousands of scratch-and sniff book marks to select comic shops across the country and of course Zanadu has got you covered!! Identify the five scents correctly—each numbered scent on the bookmark corresponds to a clue in the issue of the same number—for a chance to receive an amazing package from Chuck Palahniuk. One random Space Monkey who has correctly identified all five scents will win every Fight Club 2 comic including variants, FC2 swag, an autographed collector’s edition of the Fight Club novel, and the hardcover Fight Club 2 graphic novel (available June 2016). The comic book store of your choice (clearly Zanadu) wins a matching set of prizes as well. Ten randomly selected Monkeys will win copies of the Fight Club graphic novel as will their retailer of choice.

So get off yer asses and get in here to pick up issue 3 of Fight Club 2 by Palahniuk and Stewart and your super smelly, awesomely strange, scratch n' sniff bookmarks!!

Full details and entry form at