Established in 2006 by comic-book veteran Shon C. Bury, Space Goat Productions, LLC, is the comic book industry’s premier talent management agency and production studio. We have a leadership team with collectively over 100 years of comicbook experience, access to hundreds of artists, and an unparalleled support staff of designers, manufacturers, and marketers. These resources place Space Goat in a unique position to help our clients produce the best comic books possible and to bring those books to market.

We offer a wide spectrum of services from IP generation to pre-press, with everything else in between. Best of all, we work to meet all budgets.

and this week, two of their big books drop today!!

(W) Shon C. Bury (A) Jok (CA) Estudio Haus

Join this rag-tag band of steampunk Victorian monster hunters as they exterminate a creature in the Scottish Highlands - but the Tale of the Lizard Baron doesn't truly begin until the hunters' mysterious benefactor in the Queen's Directorate sends them to a deserted Prussian village. All is not as it seems!

(W) Shon C. Bury (A) Ian Waryanto (CA) Aris Aguiar

It's Keira Zeleznovova's first day as an unpaid intern at Mage, Inc. The only thing she wants is to be an apprentice and practice the few feeble spells she kinda knows - but her curmudgeonly mentor always has more paperwork for her to file. Things really heat up on a routine dues collection when a homunculus is summoned - and a mage dies!