We are happy to present another wonderful addition to our ever growing local/indy section here at Zanadu with a double shot of mini comics from local artist/writer, ELK PAAUW. In her own words, "Drawings, paintings, cards, sticker sets, and comics straight from the heart of a fairy weirdo." Yep, sounds good to me! Check out her website for more cool stuffs!


(W/A) Elk Paauw

A collection of new and old autobiographical comics from the webcomic Otherwise Known As Life, including popular favorites Self Imagination, Love Comix ("What is Love?"), Artist Problems, and a previously unpublished bonus comic! A little bit funny, a little bit sad, these comics will leave you in a contemplative, wistful mood.

Snippet Reviews:

"A beautiful, bittersweet comic."

12-page saddle-stitched booklet, printed on 40% recycled paper with 6 possible colors for the cover, including purple, orange, blue, pink, yellow, and green. Contains one page with cartoon female upper body nudity.



(W/A) Elk Paauw

Upon seeing her father weeping on the anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the author is impelled to investigate the nature of national tragedy in this heart-wrenching autobiographical minicomic.

Snippet Reviews:

"I got chills! What an amazing comic."

"It was not what I was expecting at all as a story about the JFK assassination, and it was incredibly well-written."

"Reading this really took me back to my own experience in dealing with 9/11 as a teenager, and dug up some very intense emotions."

16-page saddle-stitched booklet, printed on 100% recycled paper with a transparent cover. Contains graphic imagery, recommended readership: 13+