One of the best parts of ECCC each year is when we get to meet creators from other states and countries who are nice enough to bring their work by to add to our esteemed indy section which has now gone international like french toast!

First, from Germany we have--


(W/A) Robert "Mr. Roberto" Rennwanz (C) Patrick "Marok" Rennwanz

From Moerser Attack Comics in Germany comes a steampunk styled robot adventure set in Feudal Japan! Featuring two stories as well as a handful of pinups from German creators, this digest sized, full color comic is but the first volley in what is sure to be the inevitable invasion of the German comic scene here in a America!!


Then, from the deviously decadent City of Angels comes Love Machines, an anthology featuring an international cast of artist dealing with how romance and technology connect in unexpected ways.


(W) Josh Trujillo (A) Ryo Kawakami, Michael Schisler

Workers of All Lands, Unite!
Stories of romance and technology come together for LOVE MACHINES! In this issue: The spirit of Karl Marx transforms young Ritsuko as she adjusts to her new job at a Japanese theme park. Also: Can two appliances overcome circumstance and make a love connection?


(W) Josh Trujillo (A) Ben Bishop, JB Wolfe

Black Beauty
Josh Trujillo's LOVE MACHINES returns for two more stories of romance and technology. Wheels are turning and changing the world!

IN THIS ISSUE: A small Colorado family's way of life is threatened by the latest invention: A bicycle! ALSO: Can Raj overcome temptation long enough to win the big pinball tournament?



(W) Josh Trujillo (A) Dave Valeza, Patrick Horvath

Applications / Lung
Xavier finds love via his smartphone, but what kind of connection is he really making with this dude? ALSO: Forces are pulling Mattie and Harvey's burgeoning romance apart. She's going to college and he's... in an iron lung.

Love Machines #3 001.jpg



(W) Josh Trujillo (A) Kate Glasheen, Colin Andersen