(W/A) Andrew MacLean

A somewhat tongue-in-cheek swords and monsters comic.

Nomadic warrior, Norgal and his unlikely companion, the severed head of Agatha the Blue Witch, have arrived on the rocky shores of the Scottish Isle of Barra. They come prepared to slay the sea serpent but can they survive all of the island's deadly trials? And can they survive each other's company?

23 pages of story, 36 total pages of art including a pinup gallery featuring:
Toby Cypress (Rod Racer, Blue Estate)
Brian Churilla (DB Cooper)
Tradd Moore (Luther Strode)
Wariwick Johnson-Cadwell (Tank Girl)
James Harren (BPRD, Abe Sapien)



(W/A) Andrew MacLean

"The Wolves of Barra" - A HUGE 43 page story PLUS an amazing pinup gallery featuring art from:

Mike Mignola
Joe Dellagatta
Michael Avon Oeming
Simone D'Armini
Max Fiumara
Troy Nixey
Fillip Acovic
Enrique Fernandez
Paul Maybury
Janusz Pawlak

The great evil that plagues the Scottish Isle of Barra has turned its attention to Norgal and Agatha. The Wolves of Barra descend, blood spills, plot thickens, and heads... you get the picture.