Comics Should Smell Good!! ep. #95!!

The 90's have returned in full shiny, 3-d ultra limited, lenticular force!! This week marks the 3 year anniversary of DC's New 52 and as per usual, they gotta do something special for September and what could be more special than super shiny motion covers???!!! Upgrading upon their model from last year, DC has not only employed new tech to bring even more shiny motion to their books, but each one takes place 5 years later, giving you a peek into the tumultuous future of the DCU! Marvel and Image both join the fray with Death of Wolverine #1 shiny cover and for some odd reason, Sidekick sports a shiny cover this week as well. Clearly there was some shiny envy going on in the industry this week, but it is YOU, the READER that gets to enjoy these over processed pieces of plastic!! OH JOY!!!