(W/A) James Harvey

"A MODERN CLASSIC" - Ronald Wimberly, Prince of Cats, Black Dynamite.

A young man decides to leave his college girlfriend after getting a new medical technique which drastically modifies the physical appearance of the human body in ways both beautiful and hideous. Will changing the outside change what's within?

The cult online comic is finally available in print. The print debut of UK writer/artist JAMES HARVEY, beautifully illustrated in the tradition of Jamie Hewlett and Katsuhiro Otomo.

James Harvey is absolutely the best creator you've never heard of...well, unless of course yer on one a them new fangled internet devices in which case you should know all about the genius of James Harvey. Proabably most publicly known for his involvement with the internet-wide project, "Bartkira," Harvey does far more than just coordinate 1,000+ page art projects, creating a great number of digital comics, character designs, gig posters and much more, all wrapped up in what Paul Pope used to call, "design containers." James mixes old school printing techniques, manga, classical illustration, Jamie Hewlett, Otomo and countless other styles to bring you the next level of comics by a man whose name will soon be spoken in the same breath as Brandon Graham, D-Pi, Fiffe and others!!