Hey everyone, Casey here with ya to bring you the newest of the new, the coolest of the cool from the artist alleys of Rose City Comiccon!! Danny Djeljosevic, wrtier and brains behind the publishing company "Loser City Comics," was nice enough to let me take a bunch of stuff from him and add it to our ever growing indy section here at Zanadu. Danny is working with some really top notch artists to create books that are fun, bizarre, enjoyable and genuinely made for the sheer enjoyment of it all. Stop by today and walk the streets of Loser City--if you dare!!



(W) Danny Djeljosevic (A) Diana Neneva

In the future, men dominate the sport of roller derby. But one determined young woman has worked her way up through the ranks alongside a robot, a disgraced Ultraman, a contortionist, and an absurdly wealthy gorilla. Now they’re competing for the last bout of the season -- and it’sgoing to be the fight of their lives.

A one-shot by Danny Djeljosevic and Diana Naneva, FINAL DERBY is a manga-style underdog fight comic, like The Running Man on roller skates. She kicks a lot of dudes.


(W) Danny Djeljosevic (A) Eric Zawadzki

A high-stakes art thief.

(she mouths off a lot)

A reality show bounty hunter.

(he’s kind of a sleaze)

The ghosts that live inside their heads.

(one good, one’s evil)

An arcane machine hidden in the Paris catacombs.

(that’s in France)

The secret organization that wants it.

(you in danger, girl)

THE GHOST ENGINE is double the buddy cop style mispairing, like you INCEPTIONed TANGO & CASH into LETHAL WEAPON, but also THE FRIGHTENERS and DEAD HEAT for some reason.

(those are movies)

THE GHOST ENGINE collects all four issues of the popular webcomic by Danny Djeljosevic (KIDS RULE!!, FINAL DERBY) and Eric Zawadzki (LAST BORN, HEADSPACE), plus an EXCLUSIVE BRAND-NEW BONUS STORY that wraps up everything in a neat little package!


(W) Danny Djeljosevic (A) Mike Prezzato

A former sidekick whose hands can cook your brain. A robot who changes abilities and demeanor depending on the tape inside his head. A girl who can see through your skin -- and into your soul. An alien woman with psychic powers. A dog named Iggy. These special “Omega powers” have been gathered by the mysterious Mr. O in order to liberate reality from those who police it, who include a psychedelic artist, a corporate playwright, a cult leader, and a sellout musician. Or so they’re told. Imagine if David Cronenberg, David Lynch, and probably Michelangelo's David made a 1980s superhero team comic, and you’ll get an idea of what’s in this special mini bootleg preview edition, which features the first ten pages of OMEGA BOYS #1, plus a special Kidz Klub ad and a visual guide to every character in the series (and beyond)


(W) Danny Djeljosevic (A) CJ Camba, Zak Kinsella, Marissa Louise, AJ Bernardo

Three new stories--
NEW WAVE CTHULHU: Selling out is the greatest evil of all.
NO CITY ABOVE: In a domed, hopeless city, denizens of City Below look towards the sky…
NO NEW MOVIES:All I care about is fury and the city where I’m from


(W) Danny Djeljosevic (A) Mike Prezzto

A woman investigating end-of-the-world scenarios across the cosmos. A robot that wants to turn you into a zombie. Extradimensoinal soldiers waging war against a single dinosaur. A sad sack mystic. An existential plant monster.

The result of five years’ collaboration, hurlants collects the complete series of DjeljosevicXprezzato garage comics (Jenny Xaxx, Killer Robot Mitchum, Metachromatic Men, Doctor Nowhere and No-Thing) and includes bonus content like original concept art and liner notes featuring commentary from both Djeljosevic and Prezzato. X was unavailable for comment.