Jason T. Miles, cartoonist, former Fanta slave, self-publisher and champion of all things weird and underground has dumped a steaming heap of awesome indy comics for all of you out there yearning for something different and bizarre!! Stop by and peruse some of these hand made wonders of art!!



(W/A) Various

Out of the nihilist inkwell and printed in poison! Meet the finest in new cosmic horror! Face melters from: Max Clotfelter (Henry & Glenn Forever), Alex Delaney (Rapt In Fear), Eamon Espey (Wormdye and Songs of The Abyss), Noel Freibert (Weird Magazine), Sammy Harkham (The Simpsons' Tree House of Horror, Kramers Ergot and Everything Together), Juliacks (Swell and Rock That Never Sleeps), Jason T. Miles (Love Wins), Scott Roller (Rapt In Fear), Matthew Thurber (1-800 Mice and Infomaniacs), and Zach Hazard Vaupen (The Inflated Head Zone). Cover by Alex Degan (Area CC, Mighty Star and Soft Xray/Mindhunters). Published by Profanity Hill. 32 pages. Black and white.


(W/A) Jeremy Eaton

Wow, just got in copies of Jeremy Eaton's "Jackass", of which Jim Woodring says "JACKASS...inaugurates an entirely new branch of the craft." And I think he means that in a really good way, because this little book is fantastic.


(W/A) Noel Freibert

Weird's the limit and there is no limit. Mr. Freibert goes full-on cross-and scissors issue; Top weirdos contribute: Carlos Gonzalez, Patrick Kyle, Inés Estrada, Lane Milburn, Michael DeForge, Dunja Jankovic. NO APOLOGIES, BEG FOR MORE.


(W/A) Noel Freibert

What makes Weird get weirder? What started out as gothic paper tribute now rears its head as cyber serial killer stage note. Plenty of destructo and obligatory fashion anti-matter, Mr. Freibert's signature high-contrast Body Butter, and new wisps of unknown origin from the likes of Sua Yoo, CF, Andy Burkholder and Dash Shaw. NOT NORMAL, LOL


(W/A) Various

MONSTER anthology, featuring 200 pages of comics by: Tom Toye, Edie Fake, Brittany Hague, Jon Vermilyea, Leif Goldberg, Mike Taylor, Sam Dollenmayer, Michael Deforge, Keith Jones, Mickey Zacchilli, Marc Bell, Molly O'Connell, Seth Cooper, Devin Flynn, Lale Westvind, Jordan Crane, Brian Ralph, Mollie Goldstrom, Paul Lyons, Mat Brinkman, Roby Newton, Walker Mettling, Andy Neal and Kevin Hooyman

Silkscreen and letterpress covers by Heather Benjamin. Two color offset printed interiors

Limited Edition of 400


(W/A) Various


wonderful surprising

where did this thing come from

bright present for you to open

god damn chock full of comix

genre art personal narrative flux

blender phonics

ocular fragrance

where are my clothes?

trippin: pete razon, lane milburn, conor stechschulte, noel freibert, ryan cecil smith, chris day, erin womack, andrew neyer, mollie goldstrom, conor stechschulte, molly o'connell, zach hazard vaupen


(W/A) Various

one story

title: dump

2 guys a horse and a barrel

some good landscape drawing

unique covers.


(W/A) Various

Singular works of horror in uniqe styles and mediums.

Featuring: Jeremy Tinder, Lyra Hill, Ben Bertin, Nick Jackson, Lisa Cline, Robert Calzone, Ian McDuffie, Bill Cleveland and Lale Westvind

Mix Tape features original songs and pieces inspired or connected with the comics in the book!


(W/A) Lane Milburn

one of the scariest comics i've ever jammed

also funny

milburn gets it

horror comedy

whats the difference?

story starts like a lot of horror movies: teens go into the woods to drink and frolic

but what they find is like nothing known

nothing will be the same again

what's exciting is that we share the fright with the teens as we both discover the true weirdness milburn dishes