We are super super lucky and proud to announce that we have copies of TASK FORCE RAD SQUAD!!! in stock and ready for purchase! This comic is truly as rad and mind blowing as it sounds, courtesy of Caleb Goellner (Comics Alliance), Buster Moody (generally awesome stuffs) and Ryan Hill (Judge Dredd: Mega City-Two)!!! It's oh so freaking awesome!!!!! BUY IT!!

Here are what the pros are saying about it:
"Take equal parts after school TV programming, rock band politics and psychedelic hallucinogens and you're only halfway to approaching the technicolor awesomeness that is TASK FORCE RAD SQUAD" -- Christopher Sebela

"TASK FORCE RAD SQUAD looks and reads like an 8th grader's notebook that was dippen in toxic waste and struck by lighting. it is AWESOME." -- Chris Burnham



(W) Caleb Goellner (A) Buster Moody (C) Ryan Hill

Task Force Rad Squad is a Space Potion-powered cyberpunk/tokusatsu power fantasy all up in your mech by Caleb Goellner, Buster Moody and Ryan Hill.