I found David Cronenberg's illegitimate baby. OK, well, she found us, and maybe she's not Cronenberg's kid, but Kate Lacour sure could have fooled me with her body horror beauty comics straight outta New Orleans. Right from the cover, you can tell that something unsettling, something best left hidden lay behind it, but you can't stop yourself from picking it up and delving into the beautifully illustrated pages of loss, regret, fear and a hundred million other emotions we try not to think about on a daily basis. Truly original and moving, these are some the nicest looking self published books I've ever seen come through the door and you won't find them anywhere other than ZANADU COMICS!!

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All comics are written/drawn by Kate Lacour. Visit her website for more weird stuffs!!


(W/A) Kate Lacour

A look inside the very private world of a little girl, playing alone in the realm of fear and fantasy. Intense and raw, this book reads like squeezing a skin infection.

34 pages
Oversize (8.5 by 11") with full-color covers.
Interior printed in risograph purple on ivory paper


(W/A) Kate Lacour

What does the fairy do with my old teeth? Are mermaids warm or cold-blooded? How do seraphim reproduce? What does a unicorn want with a virgin in the first place?

Milk-teeth responds to the questions that gnawed away your ability to believe in anything with (mostly) wordless vignettes and technical diagrams. Milk-teeth has garnered praise as the first comic in history to address magical animals without sarcasm or preciousness. The art is lush yet distant and restrained, and is beautifully reproduced in full color.

Twenty pages, 6.5x10", color, not suitable for the little ones.


(W/A) Kate Lacour

A transcendental journey through a bottomless sepulcher. Images of sex, decay and transmutation converge.

16 pages
6.75 by 8.5"
Printed in pink, blue and black risograph on ivory paper with vellum overlay cover


(W/A) Kate Lacour

A map of biology's inner machinations. Elucidating, unsettling.

16 pages, full color on parchment, marbled vellum cover