(W) Grant Morrison (A) Steve Yeowell

Available for the first time in 20 years, the legendary early work by Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell! Berlin, 1945: The allies unleashed the World War II hero Maximan upon the German super soldier Masterman. Maximan's defeat was only kept secret by the nuclear bomb which destroyed both men. Forty-plus years later, and twenty years after a generation of '60s British superpowered heroes came and went, the teenage pop star Zenith is the only superhuman left - and his only interest in women, drugs, alcohol and fame. So when he is contacted about the threat from the many-angled ones and the impending destruction of our world, his first reaction is to steer well clear. But the superhumans of the past have other plans!

Flying out of the past like a retro rocket, Zenith is back in an all new, super deluxe edition for readers of a new generation! This Morrison classic has all the trapping of his usual psychedelic madness featuring a slacker, drug addled Super-Hero and extra-dimesional beings who seek nothing less than the total destruction of our reality!! Fun, zany super-hero sci-fi from Morrison and Yeowell!