COMICS SHOULD SMELL GOOD!! ep. #100!!! 10/8

Holy effin hell on a stick, this is our ONE HUNDREDTH episode of CSSG, the best comics hype show on the interwebs!! It's been roughly two years since the Video Monkey escaped from his rich, eccentric keeper and took residence in our attic in return for his camera/editing services. If only he would shower...ah well, small battles. Regardless, yo--there are a crap ton of beautiful shiny comics just begging to be taken home by a loving comic nerd like YOU! Yes, you there, laddie!!
But in all seriousness, thank you so so so much to everyone who watches us run our mouths for 15 min every week and an even bigger thank you to those who actually try some of our suggestions! (Though we still love you if you don't.)
This one's a little long, but it's a double sized fist bump of awesomeness just waiting to explode!!