Gary L. Watson, Richard P. Alvarez and Sandra E. Yates (w), Douglas Brown (a) 

Texas, 2022 - The Lone Star State is in a bloody war with the United States to become a separate fundamentalist Christian nation. A sinister force of religious policemen carries sinners off to "Redemption Camps" for salvation...if they survive. Young librarian, Jen Frazier, really wants to be invisible to the oppressive government that has taken over Texas where reason is outlawed and blind faith rules. But her plan to isolate herself from the madness surrounding her is thwarted by her vivacious and high-spirited younger sister who embraces the underground resistance. 

This is a frightening look at where we may be headed in a society where extremism (on both ends of the spectrum) has primary control of policy. 

Cover of After Twilight #3 by Douglas Brown

Cover of After Twilight #3 by Douglas Brown

We have the whole 6-Issue series available now at Zanadu Comics. For more information on the whole After Twilight Movie/Publishing agenda, please see their website HERE