We are proud to announce that our digital storefront has been upgraded to T-1000 status and is ready to serve all of your digital comic needs. One of the biggest highlights is the ability to read comics on ANY device, including iPhones and iPads!!! To break it down for you right quick..

1. HTML-only - Site functions without additional 3rd party plug-in (Flash)

2. New "Browse" menu - Allows you to browse books by series, top rated, creator,      genre and story arcs.

3. Gifting

4. Pre Orders

5. Wish Lists

6. Bundles - Company starter packs, plus full runs of new and classic series!

7. Subscriptions - Never miss an issue of your favorite series!

So if you've been hesitant about digital comics, now is the perfect time to give it a shot--not as a way to replace paper comics, but to augment, to fill in those missing issues that sold out too fast or if you're just too lazy to dig the issues out, our digital storefront is there for you.   

See you in Cyberspace! (click to be dematerialized)