(W) Sam Humphries  (A) Dalton Rose

 What happens when a troubled youth is plucked from modern society and thrust though time and space on a psychedelic journey into the heart of the Aztec civilization-one of the greatest and most bloodthirsty times in human history? Collects Sacrifice #1-#6.


One of the lesser known projects of Marvel writer, Sam Humphires, this is one of those books that sold out so fast, most people never got to even see them. I only became aware of Sacrifice at Stumptown a few years ago where Dalton's art caught my eye as I walked down the aisles. Staring me in the face was one of the coolest pieces of Dune fan art I'd ever seen and I thought, "Shit, I hope this guy makes comics and not just pin ups..." Luckily for all of us, he does make comics and they are freaking psychedelically awesome!! Aztecs. Blood. Death. Time travel. An unfortunate fool. All the makings of a fun romp through the mystical days of the ancients!! RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!!