And a horrible Wednesday morning to all you haters out there in comicland! Welcome to this week's Hate-O-Thon 2099, where the most hate filled comic monkeys this side of the San Diego zoo, Morgan and Casey, do what they do best--and no this ain't no Wolverine joke. We hate on so many comics this week it's amazing that anyone who comes within a 10 feet radius of us doesn't just keel over from the sheer amount of hate that we radiate. So grab your gold encrusted goblet, your purple robe, big ass hat and shiny diamond studded cane and get your ass down to the store and get some damn comics!!!

 Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate!!! 

(I hate because I'm jealous of how awesome these comics are) - Casey
(My programming will allow me to do nothing but hate. It is no longer a feeling, but a way of life.)- Morgan