(W) Mike Kennedy  (A) Francisco Ruiz Velasco

Daisy Ogami holds the key to a dying future's salvation. Powerful interests will stop at nothing to obtain Daisy, but her android bodyguard will do anything to protect her . . . and the promise of a brighter day. Collects Lone Wolf 2100: Shadow on Saplings; Lone Wolf 2100: The Language of Chaos; and Lone Wolf 2100: Pattern Storm.

lone wolf.jpg

What could make one the GREATEST and most EPIC tales of betrayal and revenge ever put to not just paper, but almost any visual medium, better? CYBERPUNK!! (naturally)  Released concurrently with the original Dark Horse run of Lone Wolf back in the early 2000s, I was initially very put off by the idea that a comic so perfect, so utterly completely well crafted, could be tainted by changing even one little element, that I refused to read it for years. Clearly I must have been on some shitty drugs when I made that decision cause holy crap, was I wrong! Kennedy and Velasco do an amazing job of paying homage to the original work while still keeping the reader guessing and creating an environment that feels as real as that of the Edo period the original creators worked so hard to convey. Neon, gritty alleyways, cybernetic ninjas--what's not to love? Cyberpunk is life--embrace it. RECOMMENDED BY CASEY!!